Website Audit

What is a Website Audit?

Website audits can look different depending on who’s conducting them, but generally involve an expert reviewing a website and then making observations and suggestions for improvement. At Barr Web Services our audits include a detailed report that not only gives clear recommendations for improvement, but also includes benchmarking information on how your organization compares to others in your field. 

Audits are a great solution for organizations who are looking for expert help, but would prefer to make the updates themselves. 

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Types of Audits

We offer several different website auditing services:

  • Complete website audit: Combines the accessibility, usability, and search engine optimization audits, while also looking at website content and marketing strategies
  • Accessibility audit: Provides recommendations on making the website more accessible, looking at both the website’s code and content
  • Usability audit: Examines user behavior and makes recommendations based on behavior patterns and organizational goals
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) audit: Assesses current SEO strategies and makes recommendations on improving SEO performance


We do not offer an audit for website analytics. While it’s important to properly set up your analytics, the skill necessary to do this is part of the foundation needed to maintain and analyze the results that this would produce.

If you need assistance in website analytics, Barr Web Services recommends looking into a custom website maintenance plan.

Schedule an Audit

The best way to learn more about our website audit process is to meet with one of our web experts so we can learn about your goals, and the reasons behind wanting an audit. 

Not ready to meet? No problem. Just use the same link below to fill out an online and someone from our team will reach out to answer your questions.  

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